1 IF YOU HEAR SOMETHING LATE AT NIGHT, SOME KIND OF TROUBLE, SOME KIND OF FIGHT, JUST DON’T ASK ME WHAT IT WAS I admit, my first thought when I heard this story was ‘hmmm, nobody has seen Kevin Page recently?’

2 WHAT’CHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU? A Toronto Police Service Officer faces harassment from fellow officers after he pulls over a fellow officer who’s drunk behind the wheel. The police chief hasn’t said anything but the police union has his back.

3 NOBODY WILL ADMIT IT BUT THE STADIUM ISSUE IS ON LIFE SUPPORT One of the things greatly overlooked at Friday’s cabinet shuffle is how far Ken Chevaldayoff has fallen out of favour in the Wall cabinet – going from handling the domed stadium/MPF file to environment in a government whose opinion is ‘if you can’t farm it, log it, mine it, or drill it, (intercourse) it’ is a serious demotion, and a reflection of how far the priority of a new stadium has fallen in this government’s opinion. Whatever. As Murray Mandryk points out, Regina taxpayers are going to have a lot of other things to worry about paying for.

4 MAINTAIN THE RIGHT While Comissioner Bob Paulson talks about reforming the RCMP’s disciplinary procedures, the Mounties and the federal govnerment want to be above the law – or at least the human rights commission – when it comes to a case laid by an aboriginal ex-Mountie.

5 STUPID ROSIE, SHOULD HAVE GOT AN IPHONE Blackberry appears to be in major meltdown.

6 YEAH, BUT THE ENVIRONMENT JUST GETS IN THE WAY Every time you see those commercials about how oil companies really, really, like the great outdoors … well, a rupture in an Enbridge pipeline unleashed 22,000 barrels of oil and contaminated water into northwest Alberta muskeg. But oil companies are our friends. Yesiree.

YOUR MUSICAL MOMENT OF ZEN In July 1988 Bruce Springsteen played a show in front of 160,000 East Berliners and spoke about the walls keeping people apart. There’s more than a few people who say that event was the beginning of the end of the Berlin Wall and helped launch what’s now known as the Velvet Revolution. Bruce is touring Europe now and recently played Berlin. Here’s Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band covering British folk musician Wizz Jones’ 1973 song, When I Leave Berlin.