Here is my problem. I want to go see Scott Pilgrim Verses The World tonight. But it’s only playing at the Galaxy. Which is basically located in Saskatoon. So, I’m not going unless I can bum a ride or cave and take a cab for $20 (I live in the centre of Regina, just south of downtown).

Sigh. If only we had mainstream downtown theatres. Like, you know, the Capitol (demolished 1992), the Coronet (demolished 2005) or the Cornwall Cinemas (now a lame mall-basement discount department store, an anemic reminder of the excellent discount department store that was Army and Navy. Which oh yeah was demolished).

Note: no lectures about how I can see This Movie Is Broken at the RPL, please. I’m not a big Broken Social Scene fan. Nothing personal. Besides I wanna see Scott Pilgrim because that’s how this nerd rolls