The Guardian talks to the real star of Jack Reacher: Werner Herzog. The new Tom Cruise thriller doesn’t look awful, and its current 64 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes seems to confirm that much.

Anyone in the know will be going to see Herzog. The man is known for his eccentricities in the films he directs; looking at his recent work, consider the albino alligator coda to his 3D documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams or the entirety of Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call — New Orleans. But he’s also a weirdo all on his own. The article mentions when he continued an interview after being shot and when he ate a shoe because of a lost bet. Seeing him play villain opposite Cruise sounds incredible.

The Guardian‘s John Patterson caps the article with a story from the movie’s director:

Afterwards I corner Jack Reacher’s director, Christopher McQuarrie and ask him about Herzog. He recalls a scene in which a character is shot out of a swivel chair. “Werner was on set that day and when we watched the playback he was the one who pointed to the chair, which was still waving back and forth on its axis like someone shaking their head, and ever the poetic mind, he said [he gives it his best Werner]: ‘The man says yesss, but the chair says noh, noh, noh.'”

Hopefully, Patterson kept the audio of that encounter for the future anthology, People Doing Werner Herzog Impressions.