A message from the mayor’s office just appeared in my inbox. Seems Mayor Michael Fougere is having a media briefing about the waste water plant referendum at 4:30pm today. That’s a full hour before the special meeting at 5:30pm so I don’t know what to make of it. Seems awfully early. Like we’re all going to need extra time to absorb whatever the message is.

Could it be he’s going to announce that council has decided to have a referendum anyway? Could he be announcing that council will be standing by the clerk’s recommendation and there won’t be a referendum? Or, could he be announcing that the federal government has sweetened the public-private partnership funding and will be giving us $10 million extra for the waste water plant under their new P5 Canada Fund — where the P5 stands for Public Private Partnership Plus! PONIES!!!

Sure hope it’s that last option. Because if we’re getting ponies, sign me up.