Well This Explains Everything!

Have you ever wondered why some people think one way and others think otherwise? Turns out, it’s because of our brains! At first glance, I thought this study might smack of phrenology, but it’s nowhere as deterministic as that.
(from CTV)

Author: Wanda Schmöckel

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2 thoughts on “Well This Explains Everything!”

  1. I have to laugh at “Essentially, they found that liberals have more gray matter in a part of the brain associated with understanding complexity, while the conservative brain is bigger in the section related to processing fear” beacuse it’s like someone handed me a golden trump card from heaven defending my political orientation, only to be chagrined because I know conservatives do not “believe” in science. Damnit!

  2. Another thought: when studying social science methodology, I learned that it is important to have a good set of choices when you define “liberal” or “conservative.” The article says people simply rated themselves on scale of 5 between “very liberal” and “very conservative.” These are very blanket, and at times, very misrepresented terms.

    And, of course, my number one beef with social science: “What the study couldn’t answer was whether the structural differences they noted in the brains cause the differing political views, or are the effect of them,” which esssentially boils down to a rewording of the nature-vs.-nurture debate.

    So it goes…

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