Found myself saying yes when asked if I’d participate in a phone survey a few minutes ago. Glad I did. Did you know the Saskatchewan government is toying with the idea of running a gambling site on the internet?

Well, I didn’t.

But that’s what this survey was all about, how I’d feel if the Sask government ran a gambling website of some sort. And I’m assuming the only reason a survey company — in this case, Fast Consulting — would ask me such questions is if the Sask government hired them to.

Favourite question: Saskatchewan residents spend several million dollars a year on internet gambling but right now all of that money is leaving the province. Knowing that, how would you feel about the Saskatchewan government setting up an online gambling site so that at least part of that money could be used for public services here in Saskatchewan….” (or words to that effect).

In case you’re wondering, my response to all their questions was that I’d be E) Strongly Opposed to the Saskatchewan government engaging in some kind of online gambling scheme. I paid part of my way through university dealing blackjack in casinos. Came away with nothing but disdain for the industry and no, I don’t see it as a clever or sustainable way to support government services. It’ll be more like an engine for misery. And if it turns out the Saskatchewan government is seriously considering going down this road, it will certainly make me question all these rosy claims about our financial situation. My impression has always been that municipalities and regions that pin their economic hopes on casinos do so out of desperation, when they’re on a nasty downward slide.