I’m not really sure what to say about this election result. Canada has made a terrible mistake. We’ve given a majority mandate to an American Republican-style government. Curious to see what the popular vote is because I want to know how many Canadians are malicious political vandals. We’ll find that out in the morning I ‘spose.

You know that the Conservatives will push the country as far to the right as it can, right? You know this party is sick, right? It’s not all okay they’ve got a majority and we’re not going to pretend it is. We’ll leave the magical thinking to the Leader-Post and StarPhoenix editorial writers.

The Canadians who voted for these Conservatives, well, gee. You’ve just told a lot of people that you don’t give a fuck about them. This government is extremely likely to attack the interests of women, Natives, single-parent families, scientists, academics, artists, authors, filmmakers, journalists (the CBC!!! Noooo!) most university and college students, gays and lesbians, people who have sex out of wedlock, jeez, I dunno, almost everyone. Good golly. Conservative voters are really dumb and mean!

We’ll have more to say in Thursdays paper but for now, have a drink, fellow Not-Conservatives, and know you’re not alone. We love you guys!

And just think how many excellent “We told you so’s” we’ll all get to enjoy in the next few years!

Good night and good luck!