weekly-reckoningWelcome. A brief reckoning this weekend, for all your medically recognized reckoning needs. Now with iron and seven essential nutrients.

1. INTERNET JOURNALISM, PWNED FOR ALL TIME. Paul Ford of Ftrain more or less summarizes the viral Internet economy┬áin just a few deft paragraphs. I’ll be applying for the job of Philbin the Meerkat, so don’t even bother.

2. YOUR DISTURBING NSA-SNOWDEN REVELATION FOR THE WEEK. Nice selfie, bro! The NSA is probably using it to spy on us all.

3. HARPER REALLY HATES STUFF FROM HIS CHILDHOOD. At a Friday fundraiser, Stephen went on a “full-throated” rant on the evils of Soviet communism and Vladimir Putin. Because nothing ignites a crowd like dressing up current complicated problems in the bright and simple livery of the Cold War. Hey Harper, you want to know the real threat to our freedom? Cossacks. No wait! It’s those Catholics killing Huguenots. Never forget the horrors of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

Right then! Here’s a fancy-schmancy picture of our beloved city plaza.