Welcome to your Reckoning. Please ensure that your chairs are in the upright position. Or just sit up straight. Posture is important.

1. WELCOME BACK HOWARD As hinted in the post-credits sequence ofweekly-reckoning Guardians of the Galaxy, Howard the Duck is returning to the Marvel universe. Largely remembered for his appearance in the truly terrible 1986 movie Howard the Duck, the titular character is alien duck with a foul (or maybe fowl) mouth and an unduckly attitude. The good news is in all this is that the comic will be written by the completely insane and highly Canadian comics author Steve Murray, aka Chip Zdarsky.

2. GOVERNMENT HEARS ABOUT THIS “CONSCIENCE” THING The federal government announced $200 million in funding for mental health care for veterans. Which, after six years of not spending money, is nice.

3. BEST O’ BOOKS! The Globe and Mail has released its list the 100 best books of 2014. I’m still working on the best books of 2011, myself.

4. WORST O’ HOMES More stories are emerging about Regina’s Santa Maria care home, following the death of resident Margaret Warholm last year.

5. MORE THAN YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THE POOP EMOJI Really! It’s an entire oral history of the cutest electronic turd you’ve ever seen.