Weekly Reckoning: I Rode In A Tesla S Today Edition

weekly-reckoningIt’s true! I got to ride in a Tesla S today, courtesy of electric vehicle service company Sun Country Highway. The legroom was plentiful, the seats were comfy, and that thing goes from 0 to 100 km/h in about four seconds. It’s eerie to feel a sudden force pushing you back in your seat without an engine roar to comfort you.

1. TONIGHT IS OSCAR NIGHT NIGHT! The Academy Awards, that bastion of conservative, sort of racist assholes, are happening! Our resident film critic Jorge Ignacio Castillo has already given his predictions and I’m sure that there’ll be some live Oscar blogging on this site as well.

2. FOLLOW THE DENIAL MONEY TO CLIMATE LIES Bad news for the last few climate change deniers out there: leading climate change denier Wei-Hock Soon is a liar who has been less than forthcoming about the source of his funding (it’s energy companies).

3. WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE? BOSTON IS FULL OF SNOW In fact, there’s so much snow that a bicyclist built an awesome tunnel through a snow bank.

4. I’M ALMOST LOOKING FORWARD TO MY FIFTIES With less than a decade to go before I hit the mid-century mark, I sometimes mull over that moment when I step unequivocally into middle age. But British television personality Mariella Frostrup has some thoughts on the changing societal roles of the 50+ set that kind of cheered me up.

5. OUR DYSPEPTIC SUN IS HERE TO GIVE YOU PERSPECTIVE Sure, plenty of things are happening here on Earth, but take a look at these solar flares! Just one burp from the sun dwarfs any of our tiny, insignificant little movements on this forgotten mossy rock spinning through the vast cold dead machine of the Universe. Happy February!

Author: Aidan Morgan

Aidan is a very serious man who's saving up for a nice dignified pipe. Then we'll see who's laughing.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Reckoning: I Rode In A Tesla S Today Edition”

  1. 2) Global Warming is something I`m very passionate about because our survival depends on how we treat it. I`m afraid there is getting to be more deniers all the time, more so the twenty somethings I`ve talked too. Thanks to Mr. Bore, sorry, Mr. Gore and his Inconvenient Truth, we should be under water already. These kids have seen his video in school and they are saying he is a joke. Very little has come true according to his video. Seems like less and less people are taking Global Warming seriously because of all the scare tactics used previously, they are just not believing it anymore. We don’t need to hear we are all going to die in twenty yrs. or less if we don’t do some thing about it now. We need a different approach!

  2. (1) Every time the Oscars roll around, there is the usual spate of rubbishy articles about them, of which this one and the “87 rotten Oscar picks” are but two. For people who claim that the Oscars are meaningless, politically incorrect, and irreflective of the film-making art, these writers spend a lot of irrecoverable time watching and keeping score. I chose to watch “The Walking Dead” and “Downton Abbey”, thanks.
    That said, I was pleased for J.K. Simmons, though I haven’t seen the film for which he won. I’ve enjoyed his work in “Oz”, “Law and Order”, and in films such as “Juno” (his Farmers Insurance ads are funny, too).
    (2)indy500 has a point, but to take it a little further: man-made climate change has been the received truth during the 20-somethings’ growing-up years, as has sexual equality. It stands to reason that when kids start to differentiate their thinking from their parents’, the first thing to go out the window (besides their fast-food garbage) will be those received truths; hence the generational surge in denial and in sexism.
    (3) Up to now, Boston hasn’t disposed of its plowed snow in the ocean because of environmental concerns; that rule has gone by the board. Meanwhile, St. John’s has been dumping its snow in the Atlantic for ages, without a care in the world.
    (4) Traumatized by turning 50? Consider the alternative, and spare us the histrionics.
    (5) Relates to (2).

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