Weekly Reckoning

weekly-reckoning1. YOUR BOOM HAS BEEN DELAYED BY INCLEMENT WEATHER The provincial government is withdrawing $135 million from its “rainy day fund” to patch up a few leaky holes in its budget. The hole is called “potash revenues that we were so sure about because primary resource economies are so endlessly resilient.” At least we have a rainy day fund.

2. IN POST-SOVIET RUSSIA, CUSTOMS BLOCKS YOUR FREE DRUNK My favourite story from Sochi so far – even more than mass canicide or dangerous face water – is the Molson beer fridge that only opens for people with Canadian passports. It turns out, though, that the fabled fridge is largely empty. Russian customs is apparently holding up the delicious, delicious beer at the border.

3. BLACK MARKET STARBUCKS! More Sochi weirdness: squirreled away at NBC headquarters in Sochi is a secret Starbucks with 15 baristas (Starbucks is not an Olympics sponsor, so they’re forbidden from having any official presence at the games). I guess NBC didn’t get the news (zing) that Starbucks coffee is pretty lousy.

4. SO MUCH FOR 3D PORN It seems that 3D pornography is just not delivering on its “promise”. Much like strapping men who deliver pizzas to oversexed women in satin underwear, only to accept money and move on to the next address.

5. A FAREWELL TO STADIUMS. STADIA? Here’s a tale of what happens to aging stadiums. Stadia? Lots of photos! Much graffiti. So dead tech.

Author: Aidan Morgan

Aidan is a very serious man who's saving up for a nice dignified pipe. Then we'll see who's laughing.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Reckoning”

  1. Sure, the government wants us to believe the boom has been delayed by inclement weather. After all, who knew it was going to snow this winter and the highways were going to need to be cleaned?! Shocking, I tell you. Simply shocking. Thank goodness there’s a rainy day fund to use when it so very unexpectedly snows in winter. And, don’t even get me started on the reliance on booming resource prices and what happens when they drop — and the BOOM goes kablooey! No, what’s really happening is that the boom is being fucked up by a horribly inept government that can’t manage its way out of a wet paper bag. Yes, they were holding their own with the finances when things were rosy, but now that there are challenges they’re struggling. And, when the government struggles we know who’s usually on the hook. I cannot believe more people don’t understand that about Mr. Uber Popular Premier and his band of merry men and women who run the government of the day in good old Saskatchewan. Too bad we don’t have more casinos to sell — I think the Premier and his finance minister are going to need them.

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