What makes this a Weekend Six in the Morning? Well, as we all know, news doesn’t happen on the weekend. Nothing except laundry and long walks and going to church gets done on Saturdays and Sundays. So, instead, here are six songs that I hear at least twice daily while I’m working my retail job. At least one I’m completely cool with hearing that often, many are driving me nuts.

1 “BIG YELLOW TAXI” I’ve got nothing but love for Joni Mitchell. In fact, when “Both Sides Now” was in the rotation at my workplace, I was a happy man. However, hearing her laugh at her own funny voices at the end of this song is awful. Just awful. Every time I hear “Big Yellow Taxi” — and it is about twice a day at work, at least — the entire song is a countdown to that terrible moment.

2 “BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER” I think a capella should only be dealt out in a) small doses or b) when you know that a person can’t get enough of it. Neither is the case when I hear Naturally 7’s cover of the Simon and Garfunkel classic. Not only do I hear this weirdly-acrobatic version a few times a day, but it’s also the start of a block of a capella songs they play which includes another Naturally 7 song.

3 “RUNAWAY BABY” I didn’t actually know this was Bruno Mars until I looked it up. I’d just been pretending that it was sung by Damon Wayans Jr.’s character from Happy Endings.

4 “AIN’T NO SUNSHINE” I can’t find the exact version of this I keep hearing, because plugging “ain’t no sunshine jazz flute” into YouTube comes up with too many results. Same goes for “no seriously i’m not kidding ain’t no sunshine jazz flute version”.

5 “CLOSER TO FINE” If you had asked me not too long ago if I had ever listened to the Indigo Girls, I would’ve had to say no. I know a guy who said he knew a dad of one of the Indigo Girls, but that’s as deep as my knowledge went. Then, I found out that this song, which always comes immediately after “Big Yellow Taxi” in the rotation, is one of theirs. I’m down.

6 “CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU” Sometimes, this is the best thing to happen to my day.