JETS REPORT An Atlanta Thrashers movie to Winnipeg seems even more likely after it was revealed late last night that the province of Manitoba has been talking to True North, the group that wants to bring an NHL team to the city, for over a year about money details. Manitoba’s NDP premier says his government won’t cover an NHL team’s losses (they’ll leave that to the socialists in Arizona, I guess?), but says “if there are other constructive roles we can play, we will look at it.” Link here.

More stuff on an NHL return to Winnipeg here, here and here. Side note: wow, Vancouver’s pummeling San Jose. 6-2! Yeesh.

HOUSING REPORT The story is “Province Changes Apartment Rules To Protect Renters”. Can you imagine a headline like that being written in Saskatchewan? Regina’s city council approved virtually every condo conversion brought before it despite a rental housing crunch, our NDP killed provincial rent control in 1992 and our current premier called rent control “dangerous”. Forger housing stock; the term that comes to mind for our rudderless housing policy direction is “laughing stock”. And now it’s 7-3 Vancouver.

ALSO, THIS IS PRETTY REPORT Dechene sent me this link to gorgeous design blog The Fox Is Black that praises Winnipeg’s winter skating shelters. They’re gorgeous (if unseasonal). Love to see imagination like that get funded here. Not sure Regina’s leadership (political and business) has much of an eye for art, design or style, though. We’ll have to see how the plaza project turns out, maybe it will be beautiful. Also: Vancouver leads San Jose 2-0 in the series.

prairie dog editor Stephen Whitworth is a long-escaped Winnipegger but sometimes he thinks about the place.