Hey, how about a new weekly feature that involves neither sprots nor pron? How about capsule reviews of webcomics? Okay. I can do that. I love webcomics.

First up, one of my current favourites, a gag strip called Scenes from a Multiverse.

SfaM is written and drawn by Johnathan Rosenberg and comes out pretty close to daily. It consists of little vignettes from different planets and dimensions in the multiverse. The idea is simple and it gives him the freedom to explore a wide range of political issues and reference broadly from nerd culture. Generally hilarious but occasionally he wanders off on tangents I don’t get. Like, lately he’s been parodying the BBC’s Sherlock series and as I’ve never seen it I don’t really know what he’s goofing on.

Anyway, Scenes From A Multiverse equals one pan-dimensionally worthwhile webcomic read.