Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is a daily gag comic that’s been around in this form since 2002. It’s written and drawn by Zach Weinersmith.

SMBC is obsessed with science, god (and/or the lack thereof), comics, academic life and philosophy.

Weinersmith also produces a weekly sketch-comedy vodcast called SMBC Theatre.

If you’re new to SMBC, other particularly funny installments (beyond the one at left) are the Mount Stupid graph, the solution to the Fermi Paradox, mom’s inappropriate children’s book, the Spirit of Science, this year’s Valentine’s Day card, and the one about what people know about Schrodinger’s Cat.

And, it’s worth checking out Weinersmith’s blog post explaining how he responded when anti-gay marriage group, the National Organization for Marriage, used one of his comics on their website. It’s funny.

Also of interest, Weinersmith’s wife is a PhD student in ecology and runs a science blog called, Weinersmith. She has an article there about parasitic fungi and zombie ants. I’ve read about the fungal zombie ants thing before and the phenomena is creepy as hell and proof that nature is out to destroy and defile us in unspeakable ways.

Seriously. Fuck nature.