Meet Brad AKA “the Bradvertiser”, prairie dog’s friendly neighbourhood advertising consultant. Brad’s the guy local businesses get in touch with when they want to promote themselves in Regina’s coolest, smartest, nicest and funniest free publication.

As you can see, the dude is super happy. Why? Why is Brad so glad?

Brad’s feeling pretty damn good today because he’s wearing a brand-new, hot off the plates, limited-edition prairie dog T-shirt with fantastic art by PD superstar illustrator Myron Campbell!

Here’s the great part: you could own one of these shirts! And then you’d be as rad as Brad!

The art is a companion piece to designs Myron did for our Back To School issue, and it looks fantastic. The drawing of a million-eyed, sickle-wielding farm-freak riding a mutant cow and eyeballing a sheep really sums up the whole rural Saskatchewan vibe for us.

The shirts come in five colours: orange, cream, grass green, orchid and gold. Shirts are cotton American Apparel (the orchid and gold shirts are 50-50 cotton-poly) and available in various sizes. Each comes with a fancy limited edition tag making the shirts a collector’s item. They were printed by our friends at FloPrint, who do great work. If you have a T-shirt for a Regina band, odds are these guys did it.

So what do these wearable art objects cost? $50? $100? No! They’re a bargain $25 per shirt. Or two for $40.

How do you get yours? Shirts can be purchased at our office (#201-1836 Scarth St., on the mall) weekdays between 1-5 p.m. (buzz the buzzer for access). We only have a hundred of these things, and there’s a very real danger our staff will buy them all, so act fast to get the colour and size you want.

Just look at them. So pretty!