We Haz Buttons!

Wastewater FinalThe Regina & District Chamber of Commerce certainly doesn’t let any grass grow under its feet. When I was on their website this morning to update city event listings for upcoming issues I found the adjacent graphic adorning their home page.

If you click the button on the right side of the page you’ll be directed to the city’s website where administration lays out its case for why it feels a P3 model is the best option for funding a new wastewater treatment plant.

The R & D C of C website also contains the text of the presentation CEO John Hopkins made at City Council last night in support of the P3 plan.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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10 thoughts on “We Haz Buttons!”

  1. Cramped angry-looking letters in clashing colours versus a lovely drop of blue water and the word “Yes.” From a design perspective, I predict button victory for RWW.

  2. Are you friggen kidding me?? I mean, I KNEW the Chamber would get involved, but COME ON. They begin the scare tactics already, and the endless barrage of campaigning just like they did in the Election of 2012, when they paid for Fougere’s campaign “unofficially”.

  3. Hyperbole, thy name is Novak. A graphic and a weblink = scare tactics? How easy is it exactly that you scare?

  4. That was fast!!

    hmmmm…… Did all 1250 business members of the Chamber of Commerce have a quick meeting yesterday to make this decision?

  5. That button is pretty scary.

    The handling of the petitions votes seemed a bit off, and it was the right decision to have the referendum. That said, anywhere I can place bets on the results?

  6. Makes more sense for the Chamber to coordinate a No campaign than for the City to do it. I got no problem with it. But if I have to hear Hopkin’s Lada ‘joke’ one more time, I’ll stick a button pin right in my eye.

  7. Chamber of Commerce is a union with members who pay a fee too be part of. They don’t care about anything other than making a profit.

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