6 thoughts on “We Don’t Complain About The Cold When It’s This Beautiful”

  1. Why are there no comments about how nice these pictures are and how beautiful the downtown and Victoria Park looks? But there’s 11 comments about how ugly a parkade downtown is?

    This is one thing that always bugs me about Regina (and I’m a life-long resident)…we’re so quick to pile on the negative chatter, but we’re almost embarassed to hi-lite the positive. I’m not denying the negatives, I’m just saying we should leap to the defense of our city’s good qualities just as quickly (or moreso) than we condemn it for it’s shortcomings.

  2. Thanks, Perplexed–glad you liked the photos. It was a stunning day.

    And Barb: I know I owe you a reply on another thread. I’ve been busy with other things. (And I don’t have an interesting comment yet.)

  3. Hi Barb, as the saying goes, “long-time lurker, first-time poster.” I’ve read and admired your single-handed efforts to stick up for our picked on, unloved, underappreciated little prairie jewel of a hometown. I’ll try to follow my own advice and leap into the fray more often. Keep fightin’ the good fight!

  4. Thanks, Perp! Actually, Regina isn’t my hometown; I’ve only lived here for 22 years, so I bring a different perspective to bear. Rock on!

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