The Buffalo Pound water treatment plant is not completely fixed but as of this morning it’s running reasonably well, so you can start doing your laundry again (Sorry I’m posting late, it’s a holiday and I was pinned under a sleeping cat. Priorities!).

Here’s the City’s press release, which you can read in full after the…


Water restriction relaxed

The City of Regina has relaxed water restrictions but still asking residents to be responsible with water usage.

The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant continues to operate with a temporary repair in place. However, the City now has increased confidence in the plant’s reliability and is able to ease water restrictions for residents and businesses.

The plant shut down Friday night at 11:45 p.m. when a storm knocked down three power poles, cutting power to the plant. Power was restored at approximately 6:00 p.m. Saturday, but when it was turned on a transformer within the plant failed. Crews worked through the night to make repairs. As a temporary solution, power to part of the plant has been supplied by a generator since early Sunday morning. The plant has since been operating and supplying safe, clean water to Regina, Moose Jaw and other communities.

The City’s reservoirs have refilled to capacity. A back-up generator was delivered to the plant Sunday evening. As well, SaskPower completed some repairs to its power system, which resulted in the plant being shut down and restarted after about 20 minutes.  The plant is working well and as a result, the reliability of the water system has improved and water restrictions are no longer required.

However, to ease demand on the plant and ensure reservoirs remain full, the City of Regina asks residents to be responsible with water and think twice about discretionary uses such as washing cars and watering lawns and gardens. If watering is absolutely necessary, residents should do it at night or during the early morning to reduce water wastage. Any reduction in demand will help the plant continue to operate with the temporary repair.

Staff at the plant continue to work hard on making a permanent repair. It is unknown how long it will take to repair or replace the transformer that failed at the plant.

During the water restriction, the City directed residents to reduce water usage, contacted major water customers to inform them of the restriction, and took a number of measures including closing spray pads and ceasing watering of parks and green space throughout Regina. The fire department enacted a plan to ensure it had an adequate supply of water to fight fires. City facilities and services will resume normal operation today.

While the water treatment plant was shut down, the City used water from its reservoirs and a number of wells to continue to supply water to the community. The water was completely safe to drink throughout the incident. The City conducted additional sampling and testing, and worked with the Ministry of Environment and Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region to ensure the water was safe

Over the next two or three days, residents may notice a difference in water colour as the well water works its way through the system. The City assures residents that the water is still safe to drink.

The Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Plant supplies water to Regina and Moose Jaw, as well as a number of surrounding communities.