Waste Water Robocall Mystery Solved

I’m sure some real journalist on the local scene has found this out and reported on it already but ever since filing my copy for the new issue on Tuesday morning the only news I’ve looked at is week-old stuff from Comic-Con… you know, to catch up.

Holy crap, that Superman-Batman movie announcement? That’s some stupid fucking bullshit, that is.

Anyway, remember the reports that came out on Monday about robo-calls in the lead up to the special council meeting? Well, I just spoke with Deb McEwen¹, manager of communications for the City of Regina, and she confirmed that it was her department that conducted the automatic polling last weekend about the waste water plant, the petition and the P3. Here’s what she told me…

In my role in providing communications advice to council I do polling from time to time. I have not yet had an opportunity to brief [council] on that poll — on it’s results — and frankly at this point in time I’m not sure when that might happen, but I wouldn’t be prepared to release that information until I’ve had the opportunity to brief council.

McEwen says that the city has worked with a variety of polling firms in the past but for the first time they did a Request For Proposals for a research firm of record and awarded that contract last Friday. But, because that contract hadn’t been finalized at the time when they decided they needed to do a poll on the waste water project, they sole-sourced last weekend’s poll to a Saskatoon-based firm called Saskatchewan Direct Marketing Service.

Like an idiot, I didn’t ask who they’d awarded the research contract to on Friday. But I’m sure that’ll turn up in a report to council at some point.

So there you have it. Mystery solved. Have to say I’m a little disappointed. I was really hoping it’d turn out the Grey Water Illuminati was behind this. But alas, the solution was mundane as usual.

¹ I also didn’t ask her how she spells her last name and originally spelled it MacKeown. Fortunately commenter Jayne, who I’m taking at her word, came to the rescue to let me know it’s “McEwen”. I updated the post with the correct spelling.



Author: Paul Dechene

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5 thoughts on “Waste Water Robocall Mystery Solved”

  1. Okay, we have a new winner for stupidest fucking thing ever printed by the Prairie Dog.

    How the hell is a Superman-Batman film “some stupid fucking bullshit”? Do you just hate fun or something Paul?

  2. I don’t hate fun, Jason. But the people who’re in charge of bringing DC characters to the big screen clearly do. Have you seen the new Superman film? And the last three Batman films? I can’t imagine more dour, joyless enterprises. And now they want to bring them together? Why? So they can brood twice as hard?

    If this World’s Finest Batman/Superman teamup was being written by Grant Morrison and art designed by Darwyn Cooke, then I’d be excited. But as long as Christopher Nolan and his furrowed brow are in charge of DC films, I’ll stay home and stick with Teen Titans Go!

  3. Paul, Paul, Paul. Chris Nolan isn’t the problem with the Batman movies. Dig the first ten minutes of The Dark Knight, the bank heist, a super-stylish and FUN set-piece that channels classic 70s crime flicks. Watch The Prestige, fer cryin’ out loud, that movie’s got fun by the bucketload. David Bowie as Nikola Tesla, come on! What’s more fun than that?
    Tom Hardy’s supersilly camp of Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? MORE FUN.
    And, Rao help me, the Superman movie came sooooo close to being fun. The things it did right, it did SOOOO right. Maybe not right enough to make up for the horrible wrong turns it took in the third act, but, geez, Henry Cavill is handsome and charming in all the right Supermannish ways.
    The biggest problem for a Batman/Superman movie is that there’s essentially no difference between the two heroes in their current cinematic form. Troubled, brooding loners wracked by survivor’s guilt. Once upon a time, Batman/Superman promised Dionysus & Apollo, the moon & the sun, Tango & Cash! Now it’s just Tango & Tango, and who needs that?

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