Today’s the first day for same-sex marriage in Washington! The state government made it legal earlier this year but allegedly “Christian” hate groups like the National Organization for Marriage ran successful signature-gathering campaigns to put the legislation — and people’s civil rights — on the ballot. That’s as far as Team Homophobe’s winning streak went, though: voters — most of them straight, obviously — supported legal same-sex marriage in November’s election.

And today, there’s a marryathon in Seattle!

It’s all very gorgeous and eye-misting and you can read more here. And here’s a beautiful piece (written by a Pulitzer-winning reporter) about the issuing of the first marriage licences on Thursday. The writer is the tall guy in the last photo.

And a fun fact: the name of the judge who performed the first same-sex marriage is Mary Yu!

One of the most interesting things about all this for me is the fact that putting people’s civil rights on a ballot — which should NEVER be done — actually worked out not just well but was so nice. No one can doubt that the majority of Washingtonians support same-sex marriage rights. That beautiful knowledge will bring people together.