Warner/DC’s New Batman TV Show Won’t Have Batman In A Costume Because “Superheroes Don’t Work On TV”

Could the people who run Warner Bros. be more stupid and awful? The studio launches a new DC universe TV show, called Gotham, and they hire a guy (it’s always a guy, never a woman) to run it who says things like this:

“When thinking about how to enter the DC world for TV, certainly on network TV, to do shows about superheroes — about people who wear spandex costumes — that doesn’t work very well. We want to see people’s faces. TV is about emotion and character, not stunts and special effects. This is a way of entering that world in a fresh way.”

Right. Superheroes in costumes don’t work. No one would like that. No money to be made that way. Jesus Christ, how much can a corporation hate the thing it sells, anyway? At Warner/DC, the contempt for comics and superheroes is palpable.

Here’s a trailer for this show that will supposedly be more “colourful” and “vivid” than Christopher Nolan’s  “visually stunning, but not particularly visually pleasurable”  take on Gotham. There’s lots of shitty computer animated blood splattering and a second-rate rip-off of Hans Zimmer’s Batman trilogy score.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

7 thoughts on “Warner/DC’s New Batman TV Show Won’t Have Batman In A Costume Because “Superheroes Don’t Work On TV””

  1. You’re out to lunch Withworth! It’s a just fairly stupid quote by otherwise really talented guy.

    Post-Frank Miller Batman has consistently been more than just a really rich guy who buys fancy gear. It’s about someone who experiences trauma at a young age and dedicates his life to trying to prevent others from going through the same thing again. The greatest storylines have all touched on the fact that Bruce Wayne is incapable of functioning without Batman, and that his ability to forge personal relationships depends entirely on whether they can contribute to his protection of Gotham. One of the many things that Nolan did well was to try and show the impact that the murder of Martha and Thomas Wayne in Crime Alley had on Bruce’s ethos. I’m excited at the idea of a TV show that focuses on why people end up wearing costumes rather than what costumes they end up wearing.

    Essentially you’re getting a look at pre-gotham Batman in a show created by the same guy who did HBO’s Rome. I’m not guaranteeing it’ll be good, particularly if the show starts to emphasize young Bruce Wayne and his rogues gallery, but I’m at least intrigued by the idea. Anyone who goes to the effort of framing a scene like this (http://i.imgur.com/WPpXDLF.jpg) must have put a little thought into how to tell Bruce’s story.

    Now if Ben Mackenzie will just grow the Jim Gordan ‘stache…

  2. Dave: li’l Penguin, li’l Riddler and li’l Catwoman.

    I rest my case.

  3. I’m still hoping that lil penguin and the gang were just teased to get some interest and won’t actually be a big part of the show.

    And Brave & the Bold? Come on guys. An animated Batman without Kevin Conroy is utter nonsense :-)

  4. Why not LiL Cat / Bird / ? ? Don’t all of them carry some sort of Teenage Angst / Society owes me;etc baggage?

    Where the F is LiL Red Hood ?

  5. Give it a chance Whitworth.

    I see this new series has lots of potential . As long as it has a strong storyline and good characters the viewers can relate to, then it has the chance of success,
    just like the recent successful shows like Arrow and Agents of SHIELD,

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