War On Cars Escalates

VictoriaPark(Crosswalk)It looks like the city is in the process of installing some sort of pedestrian signal/walk light at the Cornwall and Victoria Ave. intersection on the south side of Victoria Park. It’s much-needed to promote walking in the downtown, I think, as with its angled crosswalks that’s a tough intersection to navigate as a pedestrian in what’s usually pretty heavy traffic.

I see they’ve also installed a new stretch of sidewalk there.

Author: Gregory Beatty

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7 thoughts on “War On Cars Escalates”

  1. Wow, they did something right. Now maybe a Victoria-esque bylaw preventing giant trucks and SUVs from plopping their asses no closer than 10-metres to the intersection.

  2. WHOA!
    This has only been needed since…. forever.
    Hopefully people will treat this location as an intersection now.

  3. Looking at the photo again, it looks like they’ve squared off the crosswalks so instead of one departure point to angle off from there are now two to go straight across Victoria. It might end up being like Scarth and 11th by the Cornwall Centre where the light remains green for traffic until the someone pushes the walk button.

  4. I like the new ‘scramble ‘ walk lights. N/S traffic goes, E/W traffic goes, then pedestrians cross in any direction they please. Very efficient, and much safer!

  5. The title “War on Cars Escalates” is rather over dramatic.

    Title it “More Peace for Pedestrians Crossing the Streets”.

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