The thing that really freaks me out about octopuses (not octopi, I’m afraid) is that they appear to have these great big bulbous noses, until you realize that their noses are actually their bodies. I’m not saying I wouldn’t stick a Groucho Marx ‘stache and glasses on an octopus and give it a sitcom, but still: that nose is a thorax or something. Anyway, the uncanny horror of it all is only doubled when they heave their soft, comical bodies out of the water and haul themselves across the slimy shore. Check this one out at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve: he or she emerges from the water and spits out an entire crab on the ground, much to the amazement of a family of tourists. “This guy came out of the water to gift us a crab. What a friendly dude!” says the uploader. Remember: the gift of crabs is problematic at the best of times. Do not accept seafood from cephalopods.

Look at him go! He’s got stuff to do and eight tentacles to do it with.