This Wednesday, Robert Zemeckis’ latest film The Walk arrives to IMAX theatres (it will expands wide next Friday the 9th). The tale of Philippe Petit -who walked between the Twin Towers in a memorable high-wire act- is one that lends itself to the 3-D format. The CGI is seamless and the use of perspective is remarkable. This is a movie that benefits from being watched in the biggest screen possible.

I had the chance to experience something similar. The “Can You Walk the Walk” Morpheus VR simulation places you right at the top of the World Trade Centre. If you ever had any doubt about the effectiveness of virtual reality systems, rest at ease: It doesn’t get any better than this. I suffer a bit of vertigo so this was rather ill-advised, yet I couldn’t resist.

The resolution (1920×1080) is enough to make the experience fully believable. A 360-degree panoramic view helps to trick your brain into believing you are 1,362 feet above ground. Morpheus was developed for PlayStation 4 and will hit the market in the first semester of 2016. Based on “Can You Walk the Walk”, expect a seismic disruption in the gaming industry.

If you follow this link ( the-walk-swat-WalkExperience_POV_Shots_scc_h264 ), you can see the scenario I was immersed into. Below, enjoy watching me walking the virtual tightrope and being kind of a pansy about it.