Walking The Beat

Victoria Park (arrest)It’s a great day out, so I decided to go for a stroll in Victoria Park after a late lunch before I headed back to the office. When I got to the park two police officers were cuffing a young guy on a bike. I gathered from people chatting nearby by that he’d punched some older guy in the head and at some point the police had been called.

It wasn’t as dramatic as the arrest three weeks or so ago where two officers with their guns drawn forced a guy on to the pavement on the Scarth Street Mall one afternoon and took an eight-inch blade off him. But I’m sure with the weather warming up there’ll be plenty more opportunities for me to get my real-life CopsĀ fix in the months to come (as always, you can click the photo to enlarge).

Author: Gregory Beatty

Greg Beatty is a crime-fighting shapeshifter who hatched from a mutagenic egg many decades ago. He likes sunny days, puppies and antique shoes. His favourite colour is not visible to your inferior human eyes. He refuses to write a bio for this website and if that means Whitworth writes one for him, so be it.

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  1. FULL DISCLOSURE: The three Cruisers you see there were – get this – sent out for yours truly. For what? Parking “illegally” on the Plaza. While I was cuffed in their backseat (the Crown Vic there), the older gentleman came to her window (before the other two Cruisers were present) and told her that he had been punched by some guy in the park. She said – get this – “I can’t deal with that right now, I’ve got a guy in handcuffs right now in my back seat.” I shit you not. If I was “allowed” to have my phone on my person at that time, I would have recorded the whole thing, but, well, she didn’t like that I was video’ing her, which lead to the arrest of myself.

    Thankfully, after a couple of minutes of thought, she decided to lock up the Crown Vic, leaving me to suffer in the back seat with no windows down, even a crack, and went to attend this incident in the park. They then arrested the man, and took him and his bike to the Cruiser behind the Crown Vic.

    Yep, all this for an alleged parking infraction. What did I get arrested for? “Breaching the peace” only when I approached her Cruiser with camera in hand. No lunging motion, no threatening actions, nothing. After about an hour in the tightest-fucking-handcuffs-known-to-man (she took my handcuff virginity), they decided to “let me go” with a parking ticket. Yes – a parking ticket. Of course, I know my rights, and they well know that I will be challenging this in court. Just ridiculous the amount of force needed today, and just a day after they sent the same three officers who “allegedly” assaulted me at City Hall to my residence!!

    See all the juicy details on my website chad4regina.com.

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