VicPark(JanesWalk)Thanks to local organizers, Regina will host a Jane’s Walk for the fifth year in a row. We’ve written on it before, but what it entails is people with a familiarity with a particular neighbourhood or some other aspect of their city like architecture, history or a specific cultural community stepping forward to lead a walk where they share their interest and knowledge with their fellow citizens.

The event, which is named after urban planning guru Jane Jacobs, is held annually in cities around the world. In Regina, Jane’s Walk will go May 4-5. Right now, organizers are looking for volunteers to lead the walks. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, you can find out more by visiting the Jane’s Walk website. You can also contact organizers directly at

Hopefully by the time the walk is held the snow will have disappeared. Although the way things are going, there might very well still be some white stuff on the ground come May. As for the above photo, this is how Victoria Park looked yesterday afternoon.