We don’t typically review DVDs in prairie dog, so unlike CDs we don’t get a ton of them sent to us. The other day, though, a concert DVD did come into the office. It’s by a group named Volbeat that I’d never heard of before. They’re from Denmark, and the DVD is titled Beyond Hell/Above Heaven. It’s a two-disc set, featuring a full-length stadium concert from Copenhagen, along with some songs performed at smaller club shows.

I checked out the Copenhagen show last night. Provisioned with a rye-and-coke or two, I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I thought I’d share a tune with you. Volbeat have toured with the likes of Metallica and Megadeth, and while there is a strong metal component to their sound there’s also plenty of punk, rock and rockabilly influences. At one point during the concert, a slap bass even made an appearance.

To give you a taste, here’s Volbeat performing their song “Hallelujah Goat”.If you hang around until the end of the five minute clip you’ll hear lead singer Michael Poulson address the rabid crowd in Danish: