I’m such a jam tart.

I scooped a promo copy of a concert DVD by this Danish rock band at the office two years ago and enjoyed it. The first disc was a stadium show they did in Copenhagen before a pumped home town crowd that featured several high profile guest performers. But there was a second DVD of a club show in Anaheim, CA and they were pretty kick ass there too.

Yet when they played a small arena show at Brandt Centre with Danko Jones in March 2013 I didn’t check them out. It’s partly because I’m not a big fan of Danko Jones. But still, I could have shown up late and caught a few songs by him before Volbeat took the stage.

But I didn’t. Instead, I jammed out.

Wednesday, May 6, I have a chance at redemption. Volbeat is returning to Brandt Centre for a full arena show. ’80s metal gods Anthrax and the Pennsylvania hard rock band Crobot are the support acts this time.

It’s mid-way in the Prairie Dog production schedule¬†for the May 14 issue¬†too, so that’s another plus. So… I guess we’ll see. To close, here’s Volbeat with “We” off the above-noted DVD:

Author: Gregory Beatty

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