The staff of Viet-Thai, local restaurant and dominant force in spring rolls for years now, have gone on vacation. The lady and I found this out when we called to place an order for take out the very first day they were shut down.

That led her to develop the following phrase, which we can all put to good use, I’m sure:

Viet-Thaiming. Noun. The choice, judgment, or control of when to go to Viet-Thai and not catch them while they’re on vacation. I couldn’t order our usual #44s; our Viet-Thaiming was off.

Use accordingly.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

8 thoughts on “Viet-Thaiming”

  1. Suggestion: Try Ngoc-Vanning instead next week (when they re-open after their summer break).


    We usually order 44 too! That’s weird.

  3. This is an excellent opportunity for you to try the spring rolls and other delights at Little Saigon. For my money, the best Vietnamese place in town.

    They’re on the south side of Victoria, just east of Winnipeg. A short waddle to or from Milky Way.

  4. I haven’t been to Little Saigon in ages. Do they still have lemongrass tofu? That stuff was GREAT.

  5. I agree with Cowardly Lion. I think Little Saigon is the best in town too – followed in close 2nd place by that spot across from the Hyundai dealership, north on Broad St.. I can’t remember its name.

  6. Ngoc Ahn on Smith has great won tons. I had to get Thai Garden instead of VT or even Lil Saigon and it sucked.

  7. The one guy who works there told me they all go on vacation to Thailand at this time of the year, every year. They’ll be back in about a month.

    Can I still get some Thai Garden (lemon-grass chicken w/ spring rolls on top FTW) or no?

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