Vancouver Nightmare

The adjacent photo has been making the rounds on Facebook. A friend I know who lives in Vancouver and works in the real estate industry swears it’s true.

It’s of a house in what’s described as the “prestigious” Kerrisdale district, close to shopping, a secondary school and community centre. Two bedrooms, one bathroom on the 800 sq. foot main floor, a two bedroom/one bathroom rental suite in the basement.

Anyone want to guess what the list price is?

Author: Gregory Beatty

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13 thoughts on “Vancouver Nightmare”

  1. In real cities, detached houses for sale are becoming scarce and ridiculously expensive. “Million Dollar Tear-downs” are becoming common.

  2. If you want further traumatize yourself, imagine what the monthly rent on the basement suite might be.

  3. If it’s in Vancouver it’s probably 1.2 million dollars as even small hideous houses are overprices in Van. Kinda sounds like REGINA don’t ya think.

  4. Had the same hunch as Agent W – $1.2 million, even though that’s absurd. The only area of Vancouver I found that I really loves and thought I may one day be able to afford was Strathcona, but I’m probably wrong.

  5. Looks like just the top two floors from the photos. Also it lists zero bedrooms and one bathroom, which is consistent with the crawlspace/loft bed placement in the photos.
    Strathcona’s nice, but Vancouver teems with great neighbourhoods. It seems wherever there’s easy access to groceries and transit, a vibrant community emerges.

  6. The price listed on the website where the photo was displayed was $2.1 million. Here’s a link.

  7. Sure interest rates are low, but this is a “sellers market”, for the last, decade?

    This seems to become a continuous property auction amongst the prospective buyers.
    You want it,( the home), how bad?
    How much ya got?
    Sort of similar to the board game,( 2 words? ), Monopoly.

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