Mayor Greg Robertson says so! From the Globe and Mail:

Mr. Robertson said the two sporting events can’t be compared. Grey Cup festival events are mostly held indoors, the weather outside is expected to be chilly, and there won’t be any giant television screens set up. Crews will also be tearing down the fan zones by the time the game kicks off.

“It’s a lot different to manage from the middle of summertime and a last-minute confirmation that we’re in Game 7,” he said. “We will have support as needed around the city. We’ve put a lot of planning into this and obviously are ready for any scenario that develops, but we’re not anticipating any trouble, really.”

Of course, he might just be saying all this to take the pressure off the B.C. Lions. His inner monologue might be all, “Oh no no no not again“, while his lips are saying, “Bring the kids!”