URSU President Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Kinda) Campaigning [UPDATED]

Ostensibly, University of Regina Students’ Union President Kyle Addison was on John Gormley’s show today to talk about about the Canadian Federation of Students referendum results. There are plenty of problems with how that goes down, like Gormley framing it as the students simply wanting to leave the CFS when they in fact voted by a slim margin to stay and the contradiction of Addison saying that the CFS held back the results when URSU wanted them released, but then Addison being upset when they finally do get out.

By the end of the short interview, though, it trends dangerously close to Addison campaigning for his reelection. He trash talks his opponents as lackeys of the CFS, while also mentioning that he’s again running for president. He doesn’t name either of the slates running, though he does talk about one of his opponents.

Why would that be a problem? Campaigning ended yesterday, since it can’t happen concurrently with voting. At best, this is an iffy area that Addison could have avoided by doing this a day earlier or two days later when voting is over.

You can listen to his interview here. URSU’s election page – including the e-mail address for the Chief Returning Officer, who monitors all this matters – is here.

UPDATE: The Carillon has a more detailed account, including specific bylaws that Addison may have broken.

Also, Gormley’s name is now spelled correctly. Sorry, Commenter Katie – that campaign will have to wait for another day.

UPDATE TWO: I’m bumping this to the top of the Dog Blog. A few updates on the matter.

First, Addison has apologized, saying that “there were statements made about Kent Peterson during the John Gormely interview at noon today that were not factual.” Commenter Kate will note that I’m not the only person who can misspell Gormley’s name.

Gormley himself took to Twitter to talk about the controversy, saying:

Some in an uproar over @KyleAddison on JGL today. The Carillon (controlled by NDP smearchild Kent E Peterson) is in an uproar. Really?

Saying that the Carillon is controlled by Peterson, who was Business Manager at the paper until he took a leave of absence for the campaign, is ridiculous. The paper has bent over backwards to cover all these matters – the election, CFS, and anything URSU related – in a balanced way.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

12 thoughts on “URSU President Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Kinda) Campaigning [UPDATED]”

  1. In addition to talking with Gormley outside of campaign period, he claims that he “hates” people like Addison himself, U of R president Vianne Timmons, and Brad Wall. It’s beyond the bylaws of elections, it’s also false and slanderous.

  2. I like how you refuse to spell Ghoarmley’s name properly. I support this initiative and think you should carry it over to the print edition.

  3. Not only has Kyle violated election by-laws, but he managed to entirely misrepresent the situation with the CFS, grossly slander another candidate and further affirm that he is NOT the person I want running our Student Union.

  4. Ah well, it was a juvenile initiative anyways.

    Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun on campus there – that Addison is coming across as a giant twit. I’m enjoying this immensely.

  5. I’m enjoying the fact that Mr. Addison has finally found a way to increase student action and involvement. All it took were some slanderous accusations and some inaccurate representations, on the part of Mr. Addison himself, to get students to unite and rally around an issue. Now I feel really really really good about my ballot I completed earlier this afternoon.

  6. Smearing the Carillon doesn’t change the fact that Kyle broke the elections bylaw, and made unsupportable statements about Kent on Gormley’s show. Kyle could be running against John Gormley himself, and he still would be in violation of the bylaw. Furthermore, does Kyle often apologize when he’s done nothing wrong? Weird.

  7. John Gormley is likely one of the least reliable sources of logic and reason in this half of the country. He is “uber” right wing, typically biased, and rarely thoughtful. His critique of the situation is based on information provided to him by an URSU President who has managed to dupe nearly half the student body at the U of R; this deception preys on ignorance and apathy, and clearly one of the two traits just mentioned are featured in the John Gormley interview with Addison. There is heresay, slander, and contravention of several bylaws, and yet Gormley refuses to employ intelligent, critical analysis. Thank god he was never very successful as a politician, we desperately do not need more right wingbats in office these days.

  8. One thing that isn’t getting nearly enough attention here is how, in bad-mouthing Peterson, Gormley actually went so far as to coin a whole new insult. There’s a dubious honour in that, I think. Congrats Kent, you NDP smearchild! You really inspired the province’s right-wing blowhard of record to flex his linguistic skills today.

  9. …listened to the interview, and wondering — Gormley’s douchery notwithstanding — might this be blown out of proportion a bit?

  10. I’m really enjoying Addison’s URSU blog. He puts two spaces after a full stop, refers to UofR executives as “beloved”, spends a lot of time apologizing.

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