Frequent Ultrasonic Alarm Call guest, Cookie Madill (aka, Doom Cookie) of the Pile O’ Bones Derby Club is in Toronto at the World Cup Of Roller Derby.

We caught up with her on Friday and got the rundown on what’s going on.

You can find out more about the event here.

Today’s the playoffs, by the way. Team Canada is up against Team England in the first round. Then it’s Team USA versus Team Australia.

If you want to catch some of the derby-tastic action, you can head on over to O’Hanlon’s where they’re showing the games live.

Ultrasonic Minisode – A Cookie In Derbyland by Paul Dechene

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We won’t be posting a new Ultrasonic Alarm Call this week. But come back Dec 12 for a Very Special Holiday episode. Until then, you can get your podcast fix in our episode archive.

UPDATE (3:28pm): The third place game between England and Australia is on right now. I’m watching it in another tab, in fact. It’s 147 England, 66 for Australia. Coming up later this afternoon, the gold medal game between Canada and the USA. You can watch it all live at the Derby News Network.

UPDATE (4:10pm): The 2011 World Cup final between Canada and USA is on now!

UPDATE (5:10pm): Ooooh. It’s halftime. And it’s not going well for Canada. So not well that I can’t type the score. You’ll have to go to DNN (or O’Hanlon’s) yourself.

FINAL UPDATE: The USA swept the first Roller Derby World Cup, winning the gold medal round against Canada, 336 to 33, it pains me to type. (Read Justice Feelgood Marshall’s game summary at the Derby News Network here.) Earlier in the day, England took third place, beating Australia, 203 to 85.