It’s Bryon! Bryon Burnett! In this episode, you’ll get to hear me totally blank on that name! But wily editor, Stephen Whitworth, covers my gaff by dropping an angry scorpion in my lap.

Don’t believe me? Listen to season two, episode twelve of Ultrasonic Alarm Call, prairie dog‘s only Amaretto-themed podcast. It’s all there on tape. And by tape, I mean wax cylinder because that’s what we record these episodes on before digitizing them for the web.

Don’t like the sound quality? Don’t blame me. Blame Thomas Edison!

And why would I be trying to remember Bryon Burnett’s first name, you wonder? Because the day we recorded this was the same day the 2012 city election finally ended. And that was with the completion of the Ward 4 recount which re-confirmed that Byron Burnett will be the councillor for that ward for four years.

Don’t like the outcome of that recount? Don’t blame me. Blame Euclid for inventing counting!

We also talk about that Kal-Tire facility that will be built on the edge of the city. And there’s some ranting about buses. And we talk about the Ikea in Winnipeg. And ice on Mercury. And about NASA. And we talk about Star Wars again. And the new X-Men movie. And that’s it. But there’s another half hour content that will probably turn up here in a couple days.

And for the record, Aidan makes up these episode titles.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call s02 e12 – The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Bebe Neuwirth: At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Shane Hnetka, Stephen Whitworth and me. Runtime 40min and 3 sec.

Ultrasonic Alarm Calls: The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Bebe Neuwirth by Paul Dechene