In this episode, we kick off a new segment called “Shane Is Baffled.” What is Shane baffled about this week? How to vote in the October 24 city election as it turns out. So, to answer Shane’s many questions, we interview Joni Swidnicki, the city’s chief returning officer.

Yeah. We don’t know how long this segment will stick around. But the interview is really informative and if you’re at all confused by or curious about changes to election procedures, this will answer your questions.

After that, prairie dog scribe, Katherine Norton, is in the podcast chalet to discuss the boundary commission that recently wrapped up its work in Regina. Why does Saskatchewan need urban-only ridings? Kat can explain.

Lastly, comics awards season recently ended and there were some big Saskatchewan winners (and one near winner). Shane has all the details.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call – Save Us From The Gin Monster: At the table, Stephen Whitworth, Shane Hnetka, Katherine Norton and me as guest host. Runtime 46 min. Music by the Lazy MKs.