This week’s episode isn’t merely a podcast, it’s our submission to the Design Regina process.

The city is out to revamp its Official Community Plan and we’re getting involved. But instead of just filling in the little “Citizen Circle” workbook the city sent us, we recorded our discussions and we’ll be sending in this mp3 as well.

What’s with that look of trepidation, city? It’s not like council is ever going to see more than a point-form summary of what’s offered up by the Citizen Circles, anyway. Don’t worry. Carle’s crazy ideas about how the city should take over parking again, our hand wringing about heritage buildings being demolished, our shared rage about how unaffordable housing has recently become, our discussion of where the zombie apocalypse will begin and what it has to say about good urban form, all of that will wind up as nothing more than a few bowdlerized remarks in a list of hundreds.

But you know who I pity? It’s the poor intern who’s going to have to slog through all those Citizen Circle submissions. At least when they get to ours, they’ll get to listen to some awesome intro and outro music by the Lazy MKs.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call Episode 11 — Regina Goes Boom: At the table, Carle Steel, Vanda Schmockel, Cassie Ozog, Karen Meagher and me as host. Bonus interview with Cookie Madill. Music by the Lazy MKs. Runtime: 45 min 53 sec.

To download, click on the radio above. And when you’ve finished with this, you might want to check out last week’s episode, Signal To Noise, which is a companion piece to the feature on the paranormal in the current issue of prairie dog.

You can also check out our archive of past episodes.