This week, Aidan was waylaid by zombies and Shane was busy astral projecting, so joining me in the Ultrasonic Alarm Call’s ultraswank podcasting module was Cookie Madill and, on guest hosting duties, Stephen Whitworth.

On the agenda: Does Regina hate renters? We go to city hall to find out. Does Regina hate pop music and joy? We listen to a couple tracks off the new Library Voices’ CD, Summer of Lust, then wonder how that could be possible.

Then, does Regina hate Superman’s new costume? And, is Whitworth weirdly obsessed with that question? I’m guessing yes on both counts.

That’s a lot of hate for one podcast. Fortunately, Ultrasonic Alarm Call is all about love and we balance all that hate with two installments of Cooking With Cookie! What does roller derby’s culinary terror have in store for us this week? Listen to find out.

Plus, we have another giveaway which we’re calling New Contest, Old Prize! This time, we have an audio riddle for you to solve! Listen close and win some swag!

Ultrasonic Alarm Call Episode 08: Don’t Eat The Salmon, Moose! At the table, Stephen Whitworth (host), Cookie Madill and me. Runtime 47 min essential listening, 36 sec incoherent blubbering. Music by the Lazy MKs.