Oh sure, by now everybody’s probably sick to death of reading about the 13th Avenue Safeway expansion. But what about hearing about it?

Because that’s where episode seven of the Ultrasonic Alarm Call kicks off. Do we like the new design? Do bears shit in toilets? Listen to find out the answer to at least one of those questions.

From there, we look at the province’s proud, new housing policy. Does it stink? Like bear shit in a toilet? And what about that public art that’s straddling the airport road? What is it exactly and why isn’t it bigger?

And speaking of airports, did you hear ours will soon have an endless carwash? It will but you can’t use it. Tune in to find out who can. And to find out what we think about Superman’s new costume — the one appearing in that Zack Snyder turd to follow Sucker Punch film.

All that plus the very first Ultrasonic Alarm Call giveaway!! Listen to the end to find out how you can win some keen rock’n’roll swag.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call Episode 07 – Death Comes At Midnight: At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Shane Hnetka, Stephen Whitworth and me. Runtime: 9 min of semi-intelligent banter, 31 min of gin-stoked bitching. Music by the Lazy MKs.

UltrasonicAlarmCall-episode07 by Paul Dechene

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