Turning it off and turning it back on again. It’s the cure-all for our time. And this week, instead of starting from scratch ourselves, we’re looking at two reboots the respective rebooters hope will solve all the world’s problems.

First up, the continuing saga of Regina Public Library’s downtown branch. We were just supposed to be getting a revamped central library but the RPL board secretly toggled the on/off switch on that plan and now we’re getting something much bigger and much grander.

Why the change? Why all the secrecy? Who made the Masons cross? Plus! Are animatronics really better than books? We think so and you’ll just have to listen to the podcast to find out why.

In the second half: DC Comics plans to reboot their entire line of funny books. Will the new DC be superpowered or superdumb-as-turds? Plus, what does all this mean for digital publishing and summer movies? And! Are there any parallels between the DC Comics and RPL situations?

As it turns out, yes. And you might call that alarming.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call Episode Four — Reboots: Looking for a good jumping on point? Consider this episode your number one. At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Shane Hnetka and me. Music, as always, by the very awesome Lazy MKs. Runtime: 35m 11s.

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