In this episode, we discuss World Town Planning Day (which was November 8, the day this was recorded), we take one last look at the swearing in of our new city council and we discuss the Republican flameout in the American election.

Then, the new Modern Superstitions album. Steve and Aidan really like it. So much that Steve arranged for us to get a clip from it to include in the podcast. So, randomly inserted into our hilarious banter, you’ll hear the tune Bad Habit. It’s great!

After that, we devote the last half of the show to Shit We Haven’t Seen in which we talk about plans to once again adapt Tarzan for the big screen and the upcoming mangling of the Parker novels that stars Jason Statham and is coming out very soon.

Also, Star Wars Episode VII. Lots of talk about about Star Wars. And Disney. And George Lucas.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call, Season 02 Episode 11 — Come Back To The Five And Dime Brandon Tartikoff: At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Shane Hnetka, Stephen Whitworth and me. Runtime 48 min 35 sec which is kind of a miracle because the recording session ran an hour and a half. But I spared you the worst of our digressions.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call: Come Back To the Five and Dime Brandon Tartikoff by Paul Dechene

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