This week, on prairie dog‘s most podcasty audio entertainment, we take a tour of Harbour Landing and wonder, what does this town have against pedestrians?

Also, we look at Shane and ask, why is he looking so haggard? Does it have anything to do with DC Comic’s reboot?

Then, another installment of Shit We Haven’t Seen. Did you know sci-fi superstar Orson Scott Card rewrote Hamlet for a modern audience? Did you know Hamlet is all about the evil gay agenda? Well, that’s what Card says. Aidan responds.

Also, we announce the winners of last episode’s big contest and get another update on Capital Pointe.

Ultrasonic Alarm Call Episode 09 — The Truth Is A Lie: At the table, Aidan Morgan (host), Shane Hnetka and me. Music by the Lazy MKs. Runtime: 30 min fusty ruminations, 7 min 31 sec frantic tirades.

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