On Friday, Oct. 23 this Saskatoon rock trio comprised of Brennan Risling (bass/vocals), Scott Pilling (guitar/vocals) and Amber Kraft (drums/vocals) is in town to play a show at O’Hanlon’s Pub.

The band is touring in support of a new album called Space Joe: Ad Astra. If you want all the deets, check out this preview article by Saskatoon music writer Charles Cassino that ran in the Oct. 15 Prairie Dog. In short, it’s a concept album about a boy named Joe who, in the near future, achieves a dream to head into space, where he encounters all manner celestial characters.

As an added bonus, the album is accompanied by a graphic novel with contributions from 12 artists who offer visual interpretations of the 20 songs.

The back-up band should hit the stage around 11 p.m. or so, and the show is free. Outside of an hour-long SaskTel Max special on the making of Space Joe I couldn’t find much in the way of recent video on UPD on YouTube so here’s a tune from 2010 called “Jack the Space/Time Ripper”