U.S. Judge Nukes DADT

Self-appointed American “family values” moralists must be frothing today after a federal judge ordered the U.S. military to immediately stop enforcing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. DADT, for those Canadians unfamiliar with the loony-toons legal manifestations of certain segments of the U.S. population’s bizarre sexual fears and repression, is a stupid, bigoted 1993 law that forces the military to discharge gay and lesbian soldiers whose sexual preferences have become known.

The American Family Institute’s Tony Perkins — a taut-faced psycho whose weasel-like visage is eerily reminiscent of an older, less fetching  Norman Bates (who, incidentally, was played by a gay actor who spent his life closeted) had this to say:

“Judge Phillips is playing politics with our national defense.  Once again, an activist federal judge is using the military to advance a liberal social agenda … [blahblahblah] … strong opposition of military leaders … [blahblah] … deference to the Pentagon’s … [blahblah] … potential impact on readiness and morale … [blah] … homosexuals [blah I’m crazy! blah].

I’ve edited the quote a bit for clarity. Obviously, anyone this irrational and uptight badly needs to get laid by a person of the gender their God-given natural attraction directs them too. Which in Perkins’ case would allegedly be women. Cough.

Regardless, it’s a good ruling for human rights in a country infested with intolerant and bossy religious leaders  who want their hang-ups legislated on everyone (probably because it’s really lonely being the only asshole kook in a room).

Hopefully, the justice department won’t appeal. Seventeen years of this farce is enough.

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

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  1. Note that the US Chief of the Defence Staff thinks DADT is stupid and should be abolished. But according to the friothers, the Admiral isn’t really a military leader, I guess.

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