Typo Wiener


In the last issue our uncoordinated typing fingers invented a new word: “bbut”. Apparently Prairie Dog readers don’t like our fingers inventing clever new words because a bunch of you took exception to the aforementioned spectacle of free-form fingering. Well FINE. Be that way.

We grudgingly awarded $10 and a “smurf-sized” Typo Wiener T-shirt to “bbut” objector Eleni Gardikiotis.

Eleni is “a research coordinator by day and a jazz musician by night” who sings with the group Uptown Jazz at Bushwakker on the last Monday of every month. She spent her prize money on delicious beer minutes after collecting it, so that’s okay. I guess.

DUE TO CHAOS, THIS ISSUE HAD MINIMAL COPY-EDITING So get your error-spotting eyeballs ready people — there’s gold in these here pages! Just spot a typo in this issue and e-mail the details to typo@prairiedogmag.com (write TYPO in the subject field). Please include the page it was on, and the article and sentence it was in. Typos include misspelled words (including names), garbled grammar and general gibberish. Factual errors don’t count but formatting mistakes do. To be eligible, typos must be in editorial content such as articles, listings, headlines and photo cutlines. Next deadline is Wednesday, May 22 at noon. The winner (who will be notified by e-mail) must be available to come to our office on the Scarth Street pedestrian mall Friday, May 24 to collect their prize and pose for a picture — no bbuts about it.