Two T-Shirts In January

T-shirt in January
I’M OUTSIDE IN JANUARY ONLY WEARING TWO T-SHIRTS AND I’M NOT COLD This weather is not normal. Also, I have a banana.

Working late tonight, needed a coffee. Figured I’d just walk across the pedestrian mall to The Good Earth because I didn’t wanna trot all the way to Atlantis (though I like Atlantis coffee better).

But a funny thing happened on the way to the caffeine.

Since this is a 20-second walk and it’s a relatively not-cold day, I don’t put on my coat. When I get to Good Earth, though, it’s closed. So I can either head to The Second Cup in the Cornwall Centre, or walk a few blocks to Atlantis (and the best coffee).

Even though I’m only wearing two thin American Apparel 50-50 shirts and I’m outside in January, I settle on Atlantis.

It was a painless walk.

Yeah, I like food and beer, so I’m well padded and I’m sure that helps me stay warm. Still, there’s no way ANYONE should be able to be outdoors in January for any length of time without shivering their skin off.

I got my coffee and I walked back to the office. Stopped to talk to a pal on the O’Hanlon’s patio, then bumped into Beatty and asked him to take the picture in this blog post.

Total time outside in T-shirts: probably 25 minutes. Total frostbite: none.

Why am I writing this? Because to me — I would think to anyone reasonable — a bonkers-warm day in January coming on the heels of a record-hot year following a record-hot decade is more evidence that our climate is broken.

I obviously love a warm winter day as much as anyone in Saskatchewan but plus-four in January more than once every couple of decades is ridiculous. We should all be terrified, and furious that global warming has been allowed to get this bad. And we should be demanding urgent action on global warming from our politicians and business leaders with letters, rallies and protests, and all that stuff.

Instead we’re all like, “la la la, isn’t this weather super-duper?”

No it’s not, dammit.

Global warming is predicted to cause more destructive weather events, deadly heat waves, droughts, floods, crop failures, ocean acidification, and ultimately water and food shortages. It’s not gonna be fun and it’s not gonna be cheap. I know we’re just one country, but could Canadians maybe start to take this threat seriously?

I like people. I like Canada. I like civilization. Global warming is bad news for all three of those things. Can we please smarten the fuck up and start demanding action?

Author: Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog editor Stephen Whitworth was carried to Regina in a swarm of bees. He's been with Prairie Dog since May 1999 and will die at his keyboard before admitting his career a terrible, terrible mistake.

12 thoughts on “Two T-Shirts In January”

  1. Some related thoughts: Finished off two Kona blends and now got the Peruvian Organic all set up for tomorrow. Cone filter drip grind is not the same as Flat Bottom Filter Drip Grind

    You are carrying a banana; I rarely eat bananas after noon.

    Hell yeah jeans tees and Converse 4ever (soul of 1993)

  2. Forgot to add that it was just too weird this past week to think about climactic apocalypze. It felt like living in Vancouver…if Vancouver was covered in a sheet of ice under an inch of water.

  3. stephen: yes, yes, and yes, to all that you say!

    as a (mostly) stay at home parent that often traffics with others of said ilk, it was very strange to be in the minority of adults today saying things like “yes, the weather is nice, but…..”, and being greeted by looks of, well, non-approval might be the kindest generality i can think of!

    things if eff-ed, and if we weren’t so damn comfy, and cultured to BE comfy as much as we can be, we’d probably be more terrified….maybe we should hope for MORE warm weather this winter??

    thanks for this post, mr. witworth and prairie dog; hopefully we’ll all be smiling down the road after we all wake up a bit…..

  4. I agree with Moon Daddy…I mean, yeah, this week is probably part of a troubling trend in climatic turmoil. Look at the past two winters – they were epically brutal, with uncharacteristic yo-yo’ing of temperatures, freezing, thawing, but mostly cold, snowy, and icy. The past two spring and summers were sub-par at best. I saw a dude with a front yard full of tomatoes in full sun all summer long pick them for a loss in early-Sept…only to miss out on that week of near-30Cs late in Sept.

    But I mean, whether we share anecdotal evidence or not, or whether or not braindead willfully ignorant ppl acknowledge it or not, clearly the smart ppl who study this stuff have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the climate is effed and we caused it, and why would you believe hack skeptics from the fossil fuel industry who are motivated by far large dollar figures to deny than educated scientists who make less that $100K?

  5. Again, talking to my Grandparents last week about the very mild weather we are having and how wacky our weather has become. They don`t believe in climate change because they say this is nothing new, they`ve see it all before. Grampa said he has seen winters with minimal snow and very mild, like no curling or hockey on outdoor rinks mild for 2 or 3 yrs. in a row. He has seen winters so bad with so many blizzards, they had to tie a rope between the house and the barn so they wouldn’t get lost going to feed the cattle. These older people are hard to convince, what do you do?

  6. I moved to Medicine Hat in 1978, and lived there for 9 years. The first year, Hatters groused about how cold and snowy it was. For me, newly transplanted from Winnipeg, it was just normal. Thereafter, it was brown Christmases all the way, and we had chinooks on a regular basis (and yes, they do reach as far as MHat).

    Both Moon Daddy and indy500 make sound points about taking the long view. Those who study palaeo-climates and relate them to prehuman life and to prehistoric and early historic human activities have long since learned to do so.

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