Two Saskatoon Stories

1 OCCUPY SASKATOON IS SEEMINGLY DONE They at least got kicked out of their park. By the sounds of this CKOM report, they may be in the process of regrouping.

2 TOON TOWN DECROWNED No more Prince for Saskatoon, as the legendary artist has a “scheduling conflict”.

Well, neither of those are good news. Nope, that’s a bunch of downright bad news, in fact. I see only one solution: Occupy Saskatoon needs to occupy the Credit Union Centre. At least until he comes by and plays “Kiss”.

Author: James Brotheridge

Contributing Editor with Prairie Dog.

One thought on “Two Saskatoon Stories”

  1. It was all peaceful, that’s the important thing. Police have confiscated tents and other items, but can be returned free of charge.

    Regrouping? I don’t think so. The camp is done. Protesting is still possible during certain hours of the day.

    I listened to the Monday edition of John Gormley Live (John wasn’t hosting today, just subbed by Richard Brown) and interviewed the Saskatoon Police Chief about anything including the Occupy Saskatoon Camp. One of the steps the chief mentioned they’d consider using is a court “injunction” against the group to prevent them from setting up camp anywhere else in the city for well into next year. The Camp is done.

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