1 IN THE U.S. OccupyParty.org is a site that NPR’s Bill Chappell thinks was set up strictly to sell ads, capitalizing on the continuing protests on Wall Street and across the States. The 99% have some Google ads to show you! “Of course, it’s possible that something other than greed inspired this site’s creation. But whatever that something may be, it’s not immediately evident,” he writes. Read the rest here.

2 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF REGINA urhoturnot.org rated university students on their hotness, just in case students didn’t midterms were enough stress around this time. As this Carillon article points out, the whole idea is reminiscent of FaceMash, one of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s early sites, shown in the movie The Social Network.

The Carillon also chats with the creator, who only wants to be called Jonovon. Back to The Social Network: obviously, Jonovon stopped watching that flick as soon as Zuckerberg finished making his site, because urhoturnot.org was such a lighting rod for criticism that Jonovon decided to take the site down. (Not without leaving a braggy little note in its place, talking about how his site got 90,000 views over the weekend it was up.) “They are definitely justified in being displeased. I still think some overreacted, but that is how a few people reacted so, ultimately, that is all that matters,” he tells them.

He honestly sounds a little surprised people were upset. No one else is shocked that people found this site upsetting. This is a stupid idea in general, an even worse one in the relatively small community at the University of Regina.