Sean Whalley (Trimmed)Born in St. Catherines, ON, Sean Whalley moved to Regina in 1997 to enroll in the MFA program at the University of Regina. That followed a stint at York University where he obtained his BFA and also studied the obsolete technologies of blacksmithing and coopering.

As a sculptor, Whalley has long been interested in the use of discarded/recycled materials that speak to his interest in the environment and sustainable living. Currently employed as an assistant professor in the U of R’s Faculty of Visual Art, Whalley opened the exhibition Trimmed¬†at the Art Gallery of Regina yesterday.

The above photo is a studio shot of one of the pieces which is inspired by the practice of power companies and related regulatory bodies pruning trees in urban and rural areas to accommodate power lines. As the years go by, and the trees continue to grow in response to natural forces such as sunlight and wind, the periodic pruning that they receive often cause them to morph into grotesque shapes that, in the context of this show, highlight the tension that can exist between humanity and the broader natural world.

Trimmed runs at the Art Gallery of Regina until Oct. 4. As well, on Sept. 24 there’s a reception for Whalley from 7-9 p.m.