According to Camping’s prediction, if the Rapture does indeed happen at 6 today, we’ll have five months of Tribulation before the world finally comes to a fiery end on October 21. Glad to have a little extra time before Judgement because I’ve got a stack of reading I haven’t gotten to yet — stuff I want to read over, should have read in the first place and stuff I started and never quite finished.

Here’s my partial end-times reading list:

Pale Fire: Nabokov’s best and one of my favourite books of all time. Don’t want to go out without reading this one more time.

Gravity’s Rainbow: Got about half way through and just couldn’t bring myself to finish that monster off. (Amazing how a single scene of coprophilia can sour one’s enjoyment of an otherwise worthwhile novel.) The thing has been sitting on my shelf mocking me ever since.

A Small and Remarkable Life and The Comedians: These are the only two books left on my shelves that people have loaned me. Had best finish them off and return them so I won’t have them on my conscience during the Apocalypse.

Dickens: Yeah. Somehow I managed to get a Masters in English Lit without ever reading any of his stuff. Better get on that.

Slaughterhouse Five and Timequake: Actually, time permitting, I’d really like to work my way through a whole stack of Vonnegut. If we’re going to have to suffer through a biblical Armageddon, I think his words are the last I want going through my head when it all comes to an end.

I should add more but at the rate I read, that’s probably all I could get through in five months — especially with all the earthquakes interrupting my quiet time. (Man, Camping’s a stingy bastard. I’d always understood the Tribulation as lasting seven years.)

So… anybody else have an end-times reading list?